Governor Brown or Governor Surveillance?


All Three Privacy Bills were signed into law by Governor Brown! What is happening?



Jerry Brown has signed both SB 34 and SB 178.

SB34 introduces data retention and break notification policies. Thank you to Senator Jerry Hill from San Mateo who has lead the charge on important incremental improvements to Californian’s privacy rights.

SB 178 creates the first requirement for California Law Enforcement for Californian’s email, geolocation history and other electronic data held by providers. Jerry Brown has vetoed these rights 3 times in the past. Congratulations to Mark Leno and massive coalition of rights groups, technology companies and individual citizens who have made this happen.




This week Jerry Brown considers signing into law  3 key pieces of legislation from the privacy community. This is his final week to act on these critical protections for Californians.

Each one of these bills provides meaningful protections of Californians from law enforcement mass surveillance.

Jerry Brown has a terrible track record on California’s privacy rights. He has vetoed bill after bill that would have put California into a leadership position on privacy rights. Instead, California lags states like Utah, Wisconsin and Texas.

Give Jerry Brown’s office a call this week and urge him to support these bills at 916-445-2841 x1 x4.

February is a critical month for Mass Surveillance Reform in Oakland

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In March, 2014, a coalition of civil liberties organizations successfully stopped the expansion of Domain Awareness in the Port of Oakland.

In February, we have the opportunity to build upon the success of the DAC effort and implement the recommendations of the DAC Ad Hoc Privacy Committee.

Among these recommendations is creating a Surveillance Transparency Municipal Ordinance championed by Restore the Fourth, ACLU of California, and the Bay Area Civil Liberties Coalition.

In the last year, we have seen how surveillance technologies adopted by local police departments quickly expand into data acquisition for vast national systems of mass surveillance.

The ACLU has revealed how the plate numbers of millions of vehicles have been collected by city police departments and integrated into a national car tracking system that drives the DEA asset forfeiture program.

How can you help?

Attend the Public Safety Committee Meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 10th at 6pm

Contact the Oakland City Council (even if you reside outside of Oakland) and tell them you support the recommendations.

Desley Brooks, Chair || || @desleyb

Noel Gallo ||

Abel Guillén || || @Abel_Guillen

Dan Kalb || || @DanKalb

Help bring the Surveillance Transparency Ordinance to your community.

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