Second Open Strategy Meeting Minutes

22 people present. Michael moderating.

August 4th Review

  • Positives: speakers, Sina, Sam and EFF gets the credit. Videos, good sound system, whistles, sign table, positive relations with the police, anarchists were dissuaded.
  • older attendees – this issue came up in the 60s, great we got older people.
  • Lots of attendees ~400 – but we want more people.
  • traditional political activists do not feel there’s a strong connection to this issue. new activists came, who were able to relate to it. not life and death. show them scenarios why it matters – blackmail (expressed in the negative: spying is ok as long as you’ve never done anything wrong, you never will do anything wrong, and you love no-one). Cannibal cop in NY, actual abuse. UK politician, FBI agent book. Lots of details here. Value of rule of law to create a viceral response.
  • Lots of messages to be promoted at future events. Ads, media marketing. Make our message more concrete for bay area residents. Oakland, anarchist message. More flyers posted.

Outreach/Coalition Building

  • Tea Party Kenji (East Bay) Ryan (South Bay).
  • Bitcoin (Casey)
  • Personal Cloud (Alex) with interest from Eric and Daniel.
  • Junior State of America covering northern California (Nick and Michael)
  • Senior Center (Kyle and Kenji)
  • August 18th 99% Coalition event, rsvp at sf99percent at gmail. August 31st sudoroom cryptoparty/EFF presentations.
  • Labor Day Occupy SF group, thread on reddit, Facebook thread (Alice will post those)

Current projects

  • Email restorefourSF at gmail to get involved in specific Town Halls or contact Michael. Non-confrontational, relationship building and relationships that constitute influence closer to votes. [Side discussion on civil disobedience, contempt of court in tech companies].
  • Town Hall Santa Rosa, Aug 21 3:30 pm Zaki is in charge. Thompson voted against Amash Amendment, involved with relevant committee. Of local representatives, he’s the one we’ve been most successful at reaching out to. Meeting with senior staff person, doing prep for it over the next day or so.
  • Recitation videos, some laypeople made theirs. we expand our questions? After all, congress claims everything is legal. So we should ask them to define what’s legal and not illegal, gets deeper into the issue.

Future Projects

Encryption options

  • “Silent Circle”
  • Bit levels of encryption, alice to check with EFF to see if there is still an illegal level of encryption.
  • Crypto party every 4th of every month, nationally, so that keys can’t be traced to specific geographic areas.
  • Eric is organizing/administrating the cryptoparty. Expanding the mailing list. Whitepaper from Freedom of the Press foundation How do we reach out to laypeople: new name? Encryption Workshop. Typically very introductory. People bring their laptops. PGP, Redphone, encrypted text messages and phone calls.
  • Existing cryptoparties, we should collaborate with other groups. “Cryptoparty SF” –
  • Wes’s honeypot project: Identified situations where access to data is abused. 611 Folsom is still filtering data, what about trying to get flagged, we can see if they try to access it on our server. Human rights activists are monitored, opportunity to reach out based on this. License plate readers, FOIA request for cars used by gov officials, and then use the videos to track. Existing private network of videos can be used to track the cars. Honey pots? It’s hard to detect passive surveillance (tor was obvious) but detecting active attacks is easier. But active attacks prove passive surveillance. Isn’t this counterproductive – not exactly an abuse to pursue a potential terrorist. Do we want to prove something that was already proven?

We are forming a working group for this.


Our meshnet person couldn’t be here, Alice is giving a vague overview. PM if you want to get in touch with him for thursdays at noisebridge. PM for IRC.

There are different levels of interest and involvement, I know some are put off by the high tech stuff, so I’ll separate it into three parts and then do questions. First, an overview all a meshnet does is encrypt between computers – no endpoint encryption/protection. Since everything is displayed on/typed into a computer without encryption, this depends on your computer itself being secure – we know windows has a keylogger for example. Three levels of interest are hardware-to-hardware meshnet (long term goal), internet based (hyberboria), and then layperson.

  • First; the ideal is hardware-to-hardware. Our project meshnet contact needs people who can contribute hardware and who understand hardware. His current transmitter is .5 miles and he lives near filmore and geary. If you want to set up your own meshlocal, you can talk to him. He has outlined several other hardware-to-hardware options…

o Two intro videos and

o We are using cjdns protocol for meshlocals in SF. cjdns=the software that runs on the nodes that are a part of hyperboria and/or meshnet. The batman protocol is being used in Oakland, sudoroom Thursdays to work on batman protocol.

  • In the meantime, if you just want to encrypt your communications, they are running cjdns over the internet. There’s an irc channel where you can get introduced to this. It’s called hyperboria. It is not ideal because it is not hardware to hardware but this is still a respectably secure way to communicate.

o Both these methods make you a “node” which means it requires some processing power – but its not that bad. You can use hyperboria with your existing hardware.

o Currently only works with linux and mac, but they’re working on a windows version.

  • Third, if you cannot run linux or figure out how to use irc… if that’s beyond you, we still will be looking for financial contributions and other ways to promote meshet, in the coming months, so you can sign up to support meshnet without being a user yourself.

Why meshnet? We might not have a choice, it may be too late to restore the fourth, and in the meantime. “Meet people where they are, at their level, try to get them to engage one level higher.” – Alex

  • Branding? Meshnet will be mentioned at cryptoparties. We will vote later on whether we support meshnet as an organization (preliminary vote seems positive) once they’ve looked into it further.


  • Location, seems like powell is the most convenient, two people came by caltrain so being near caltrain isn’t that important. Seemed like it was diffcult for a few people to get here.
  • Making a website (Daniel and Thawab, with some involvement from Ryan).
  • Michael as acting Regional Coordinator for 30 days and then we can reopen the issue. Ayes have it.
  • Alan update on national, gives an overview of how it started. There’s an oversight committee, with local chapters represented with a low barrier to entry, event in last 90 days. Executives are elected. Mission of executive committee is being worked out. They want to buy


Forgot to mention, Terms and Conditions May Apply, they’re coming back to Oakland, August 20th at The New Parkway Theater

Sudoroom Cryptoparty now moved to Aug 31

Several people expressed interest in the personal cloud meeting:

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