Lightning Talks at the Public School

The Public School/Sudo Room are located in a community space that’s open to all. They hosted a series of short talks.

Big Data talk, we no longer need to process data before storing it because the storage is so cheap, that’s a sea change – just store it all and figure it out later when the technology to process it is available. Loading and unloading can be the most limiting factor/it’s a bottleneck. SO you want that storage to be the analytic platform reducing loading and unloading. Microsegmentation becomes possible. Predictive analytics and machine learning is the new way to find insider trading because they’re always ahead of regulators, they’ll use it at the NSA too. Data is never thrown away so they can always rerun the algorithms.

DAC in Oakland, an organization hosted a walking tour. Economic reasons drove these decisions, we always should ask what is the economic result? Target is poor people and people of color, how does it impact those populations. More than just cameras – digital data as well, overlay maps with people watching the feeds. And shared with the Fusion centers. Voho mobile phone system to map surveillance via mms. Send photos to with %[address].

East Bay Mesh (presented by Sudo Room’s Jenny & colleague). Big local network of wifis talking together. Community owned infrastructure. Buy a wifi router and replace the operating system with theirs, install mesh protocol batman. Connection to internet is the complicated part. not Tor but uses something related. Relay nodes, exit notes, these hide your source IP so that you don’t become liable for mesh use of your internet. OpenWRT is the router operating system, Batman advanced protocol. Creating the 501(c)(3). Looking for volunteers, doing classes and workshops, you can help out on Thursday nights. Network is separate from the nonprofit, they’re helping support nodes, and then peering agreements for self-supported ones. Raised money for first 100 nodes (routers and antennas). to map antennas. IRC: Freenode #510pen. How do we connect Oakland and SF? Internet connection to SF using dark fiber, they are talking to Internet Archive about doing this.

Security Activism from Danny O’Brien, example is the cryptoparty earlier in the day. Security activism is what allows other forms of activism to exist – they all rely on privacy. Digital security politics: the history. They know everything and you know nothing. Digital security is personal, technological and political. They’re all interrelated. Danny is the international director. They’re using their experience from copyright to chart the progress of the surveillance debate. What can we do, hit above our weight, coalitions. Technological solutions. Personal feedback loops to show you have succeeded helped with copyright, and there’s no feedback from combatting surveillance. There are no visuals either. And the NSA is much worse as an enemy than the RIAA. We’re fighting for other people, so encryption isn’t helping them. NSA’s secrecy might be their downfall, we have the advantage of openness. Private ownership of data is important.

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