Event: Don’t Spy on Us Concert

Event: Don’t Spy on Us Concert

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Don’t Spy On Us: a music event promoting opposition to the mass surveillance and state violence

On March 22nd, Restore the Fourth ,in collaboration with Pow Magazine, will produce a first-of-its-kind musical event dedicated to the fight against government mass surveillance. Rapidly expanding government surveillance threatens freedom of expression, conscience and fundamental artistic freedom.

The goal of this event is bring together musicians, the anti-surveillance activist community and casual supporters for an evening of music, discussion of work against mass surveillance and fundraising of on-going anti-surveillance efforts.

Restore the Fourth is a national chapter-based 501(c4) political organization that lobbies for increased privacy protections from government, supports efforts at technological protection from surveillance through security and cryptography and educates the community about these issues through crypto parties. Formed as an organic response to the Snowden revelations, Restore the Fourth has become a national home of volunteers who want to amplify their efforts on these important issues.

Pow Magazine supports D.I.Y. San Francisco Bay Area music, particularly SF Psych music ‘happenings’, which is the one of the largest movements today. Pow support many current genres and styles throughout the world, garage, shoegazer, prog, psych and indie rock. We also add alternative articles about political commentary, technology, science, art, film making, lifestyle and music (our main brand) from other news sources to our social media web sites and visit music festivals throughout the west coast. We’ll be hosting lives shows in the San Francisco area bay for the first time this year and audio streaming will be part of our service to the local music community. So we’re a little unique since we are from an area known to the world for its creativity, technology and politics. Pow Magazine is a volunteer base servicing the San Francisco Bay Area music community and neighboring cities in the west coast.

We are pleased to welcome Shahid Buttar as our featured guest for the evening.Shahid Buttar, executive director, leads the Bill of Rights Defense Committee in its efforts to restore civil liberties, constitutional rights, and rule of law principles undermined by law enforcement and intelligence agencies within the United States. He is a constitutional lawyer, grassroots organizer, independent columnist, electronic musician, and poet.

Participating Artists Bios

White Light Prism
WHITE LIGHT PRISM is a film production company by Matt Robeson. Live custom visuals, film sampling, and Lens effects. Video Production.

Jonathan Cárdenas
“I like to think that music has been the single definitive constant in my life, and I can remember when it first made a huge impression on me. I was practically raised on Pink Floyd, Bob Dylan, and Simon & Garfunkel, and remember digging that stuff when I was a toddler. I drew my attention to The Beatles and The Doors when I was about eight years old, and The Doors impacted me even more when I was in my early teens. From there, I grew enamored with the sound of “Swingin’ London;” The Pink Floyd (Syd Barrett), The Pretty Things, Kaleidoscope, and then the more primitive, acid-washed bands that the States had too, including bands in the notorious “San Francisco Sound” as well as The Chocolate Watchband, The Seeds, and most importantly The 13th Floor Elevators. Altogether, this sort of background, along with curiosity and a constant thirst for more obscure, mind bending gems and sounds, cultivated me into the musician, artist, music connoisseur and person that I am. I’ve also been playing music for about twelve years—I’m twenty-two. My plans are and have been to start a band to revitalize the Bay Area’s music scene, and make music more akin to that which the best of us know was San Francisco’s best sound, or sounds, I should say.”

Shahid Buttar
“My blood’s from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran, with smidgeons of colonial English and French. My family immigrated from England in the 1970s to rural Missouri, before I graduated at 16 from a suburban high school outside St. Louis and then spent 10 years and 3 careers completing college in Chicago.
Law school at Stanford introduced me to the San Francisco Bay Area, which I adopted as my vibrational home, and to which I hope to return someday. Since graduating in 2003, I’ve spent most of my time in the nation’s capital, organizing grassroots resistance to the national security state, while serving as an impact litigator, communications director, movement strategist, and national non-profit leader.
I’ve also organized performance artists for public, politicized, outdoor “lyrical ambushes.” After co-founding the Stanford Spoken Word Collective in 2002, I joined three other poets in SF in July 2003 to launch the Collaborative Arts Insurgency at 16th & Mission–the site of an outdoor open mic every week for over a decade, encompassing thousands of participants. After visiting Black Rock City and witnessing Burning Man for the first time later that summer, we founded the DC Guerrilla Poetry Insurgency within weeks of me moving to Washington that fall, and have been rocking it proper ever since.”

Jimmy Dias
Bay Area musician and healer, Jimmy Dias, combines and integrates his knowledge and experience of the healing arts into his multitude of creative endeavors. Whether playing a show, writing a song, or facilitating a healing session, he brings a presence of heart that allows his own inner light to shine and gives permission to others to shine their light as well.
Jimmy has been involved in various music related projects including currently fronting the psychedelic rock band, The Love Dimension. He is also one of the founders of San Francisco based label, Warrior Monk Records. Since moving to the Bay Area in 2006, he has played with various bands such as the Lotus Moons, California Raga Association, DharmaSonic, Haberdasher, Witness, Starfish and the Clouds, and Tzigane Society.
Originally from the east coast, he spent many years in Boston honing his craft recording solo music as well as playing the role of multi-instrumentalist offering his services on the drums, bass and guitar in various punk and indie rock bands including The Statue Factor, The Secret Channel, Runner and the Thermodynamics, Kidpower, Democracy Test and many more.
His soul mission in this incarnation is to help raise the vibration and frequency of the planet through the power of music and art and to inspire other beings to awaken to their own divinity within.

Jordannah Elizabeth

​Jordannah Elizabeth is a musician, music journalist, author, model and the founder of The Process Records Media Group. Jordannah started Jordan’s River Promotions in 2004 in Denver, CO where she specialized in art and music event coordination, and artist and model management at 19 years old.

In 2007, she moved to Los Angeles and started The Process: Net Label to organize her personal music catalog that was growing harder to manage each year. In November 2010, she started booking events in partnership with Hangman Booking for Fat Baby in Manhattan, NY and other clubs in the Metropolitan area. Jordannah currently resides in San Francisco, CA.

Jordannah Elizabeth currently works as an arts and culture journalist and editor, and contributes to a plethora of reputable websites and print publications. Jordannah’s passion for music, fashion and culture is unprecedented, and her wide range of knowledge of indie, psych, and experimental rock makes her a sought after insider in the music industry.


“DEAR MANNY is a solo acoustic project for San Franciscan singer-songwriter Mark Nelsen. Indie-pop, western roots, confusing hymns… all sorts of junk. In 2014, Nelsen released his solo EP and video “Homeward”, a melodious, 5-song psych-‘pop’eretta about space, isolation, and other confusing things. Nelsen often performs and collaborates with singer-composer Devin Farney (The Love Dimension) under the moniker ‘Nelsen & Farney’. The duo are preparing to release their debut LP in Spring/Summer 2015.”

The Spiral Family

The Spiral Family is comprised of members of The Spiral Electric both past and present. The Spiral Electric began as a two-piece when founding members Clay Andrews and Nic Percey met at a Primal Scream / BJM concert. Within a few months Spiral expanded to a full band. Between 2012 and 2015 the band has toured up and down the west coast from Seattle to LA multiple times. In the SF Bay Area, Spiral has made quite an impression in the live circuit. As the band has grown, several Tyler’s have come and gone, then come back again. The permanent lineup of original members Andrews (rhythm guitar, vocals and keys) Percey on Lead Guitar, Tyler Allen on bass and Tyler Weeks on drums are recording their full band debut in 2015. The sound is one part soaring melody, one part face melting guitar, one part orbiting synth, one part danceable groove and a heavy dose of west coast psychedelia, shaken not stirred. Drink it straight, no chaser.


Hailing from Oakland, Coywolf is a combination of players from different musical backgrounds that culminate into a sound that meets it’s namesake. From from the sneaking quiet to the snarling loud. Coywolf is invading your cities.

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